Employment Services

Employment Services:

Australian Jobspec is also well known as Job Search Agency. We are one of Employment Agencies who provides employment support service to Job Seekers and Employers.

  With Job Seekers

With 20 years experience in the Employment Service Industry, Australian Jobspec is confident to assist Job Seekers into employment. Not only that, we will tailor your career prospects to the right directions so you can fulfill your career dream jobs.

Our experienced consultants will discuss with you in details of all your aspects so they can develop a perfect profile (Resume, Application Letter...) ready to apply your dream jobs. They also provide you with job interview preparation, secrets of inside recruitment world, what do employers want and look for so you can be a perfect candidate for them.

Australian Jobspec is partnership with other Training companies (RTO) who can provide you with the right training, qualification and licences so you can be qualified for a specific position. Some of trainings and qualifications are subsidized by the Government to Job Seekers who current holds Concession Cards.

With Employers

Australian Jobspec provides FREE Employment Services to employers. Not only that, we also help your business to get Wage Subsidies from the Government when you employ a new employee (*) condition applied. We provide initial Induction & Training to your new employees if required so they can be ready to work for your business.

If you are just started a new business and don't know much about your rights, obligation and responsibility of an employer then we can provide you with information about wages, working conditions and so on.

If you are a medium and large employer, we are here to tailor your workforce system and strategy so you can save time and money. You can concentrate on other important things.

Speak to your Employment Specialists today at 1300 552 728 or email us at info@jobspec.com.au.

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