How We Can Provide

Recruitment Process

 All our potential candidates will be screened thoroughly to determine their core strengths and suitability for a job position.

 We check their qualifications, employment history, professional skills and work attitude, medical

history, and association to any groups or organization which might be of interest to our clients before we recommend them on to you.

Some methods that we implement in our recruitment process include literacy, general knowledge, mathematic and mechanical reasoning test, reference checks, and a face to face interview.

We will help you identify candidates who have the mechanical sense to work safely around complex equipments, have the ability to work cooperatively with others, are hardworking, stable and dependable.

The shortlisted candidates will then be recommended to you, and later arranged to have an interview with your company at a convenient time. 


When your company has chosen a suitable candidate, Australian Jobspec can help with the induction process, a police check, a drug & alcohol check, training recommendation and licensing if required.

We will also follow up with your newly appointed staff to check in on their performance.

We provide a three month service guarantee to your company (for permanent position). If you are not satisfied with the work performance of the new staff during the probationary period, we will replace him/her with another suitable candidate for you without any further charge.


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