What to do in an interview?

Step 1: Before The Interview


Before any job interview, there are ways to prepare yourself so that when you are face to face with a recruiter or hiring manager you can offer insightful and intelligent answers. This is your opportunity to sell yourself and present the company with the very best you have to offer. Before heading out the interview, try these tips. 1

  1. Take a drive or find out how long it will take to commute to the interview, to avoid any possible obstacle that would cause you to be late
  2. Research the company and your potential position
  3. Arrive promptly, 10 minutes early if possible
  4. Know the name of the person you are meeting with
  5. Have a copy of your resume available

Step 2: During The Interview


The interview is essential to landing the position, so when you are being interviewed, try some of these tips to be sure you are as professional as possible. 2

  1. When introduced, be sure to offer your hand and make eye contact
  2. Avoid chewing gum or eating mints and candy during the interview
  3. Show enthusiasm, you don't need to go overboard, but show that you want to be there
  4. Avoid making jokes, show that you are serious about gaining employment with the company
  5. Try no to spend too much time on one question, offer a concise answer and move on

During the interview, take a few minutes to offer few reason why you feel your experience and knowledge would be an asset to the company. This is called a pitch, and when interviewing, you are essentially selling yourself and putting your best qualities out in front for your interviewer to evaluate your compatibility with the position. 3

Step 3: After The Interview


Once the interviewer has finished asking the required interview questions, you may have an opportunity to ask any that you may have regarding the position. There are also ways you can ensure that your interview was successful and you did your very best.

  1. Thank the interviewer for their time
  2. Double check call back and contact information
  3. Ask for a business card or contact information
  4. Follow up and be open to feedback should you not be chosen for the position
  5. Use this experience to be better prepared should you need to interview again


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