What not to do in an interview?

Step 1: Do Not Arrive Late


People vary in their perception and management of time. While many people like to take their time, they cannot afford to do so at the modern workplace. Society is not becoming less complicated or less time-pressured. If you don't arrive on time, you can be almost sure that the potential employer is not going to see you. 1 When scheduling an interview, make sure to request a schedule that you can definitely meet.


Step 2: Do Not Sit Back on The Chair


During interviews, people are often offered a chair with a backseat. While it can be tempting for many people to sit back in order to relax, it is not a good idea. 2 The interviewer might think that you are not taking the job interview seriously or that you do not know how to show humility. Some people forget that they are in an interview when they are nervous, and they get inclined to sit back. Even if the interviewer asks you to relax, do not assume you can feel at home. You are there to get a job, not to feel comfortable.


Step 3: Do Not Put Anything on Their Desk


People are territorial. Putting something on their desk is a big no-no. 3 Whatever documents or things you bring to the interview, be careful not to thoughtlessly put them on the table. Do not forget that putting anything on the interviewer's or company's table can be considered territorial intrusion.


Step 4: Put Your Phone to Silent Mode

If you bring your cellphone to a job interview, be sure to turn it off or set it on silent mode while you are in the company's premises. 4 Just in case you forget to make your phone silent or to turn it off, and it rings, turn off the phone right away. You don't want to steal any valuable time from your interviewer.

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