How to Answer the Salary Question?

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    Come to a job interview prepared with how you will answer any salary-related questions. Research market rates for similar jobs and develop a range based on your experience and qualifications of what you will accept from the lowest amount to an ideal salary figure.

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    Use stalling techniques when salary related questions are asked. Buy time by discussing salary and benefits related information you gleaned from position specifications, newspaper ads, employment agencies or job postings. Seek clarification about additional factors that might impact salary offers and total compensation such as bonus and incentive payments.

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    Counter with a question of your own to get useful information before formulating a response. Ask about the salary range for the position, which usually includes the minimum and maximum a company is willing to pay. Negotiate from the range offered.

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    If you are pressured into answering these types of questions, respond with a range-not a fixed amount-that is based on your research, starting with the lowest possible amount you can accept. Immediately ask a follow-up question about what the interviewer sees as an appropriate salary for someone with your expertise and background.

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    Whatever you do, don't squirm or look uncomfortable discussing salary. Just try not to be the first person to bring it up. Watch for cleverly disguised questions about salary that are designed to distract you or throw you off base during the interview. Questions like "What salary are you making now" and "How much money are you worth" can trick you into giving a fixed dollar answer. Just remember that an interview is a give-and-take process. Not only are you being considered by a prospective employer; but you are trying to determine whether this company is where you want to work.

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    Take the time you need to think about your response before answering. Be honest and truthful always stressing the strengths you will bring to a prospective employer.

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    If you are caught unawares and actually give a salary figure, don't panic or be defensive. Just calmly re-state your qualifications and experience and why you would be the best candidate for the job


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